Reviews of The Guru Next Door

“A delightful blend of self-help and fiction, The Guru Next Door: A Teacher’s Legacy follows Annie as she deals with her highly dysfunctional family. Her father is gone, her grandmother apparently hates her, her mother is a recluse, and everyone around her is simply unhappy. Her only hope is her next door neighbor, a shining beacon in the sea of darkness that is her life. Teaching readers mental well-being can be found even when everything seems terrible, The Guru Next Door is a great pick for anyone who needs their spirits lifted.”

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Guru quite literally brought me to tears. Wendy has truly captured the essence of the experience of knowing Bruce Di Marsico, my late husband. Thank you, Wendy, for giving more people an opportunity to be touched by his sweet wisdom through this warm and powerful story.”

— Deborah Mendel, author of Be Happier Now — Your Personal Roadmap to a Life of Joy and Happiness: The Option Method Workbook

“Wendy paints believable pictures of life’s circumstantial difficulties and uses the teachings of Bruce Di Marsico, the creator of the Option Method, to disarm them one by one.”

— Wah!, author, Dedicating Your Life to Spirit

“ . . . A real gift . . . You captured the man, his zest, his verve, his precious unique intensity . . . a terrific way for people to become acquainted with Option.”

— Frank Mosca, Ph.D., Option Method practitioner and author of Joywords: An Introduction to the Option Method

“I have long been convinced that Wendy would be a major force in carrying on Bruce’s Option legacy, and The Guru Next Door . . . is a wonderfully effective confirmation of that early conviction. So if you’ve been racing around, clutching for ‘something’ to calm your fear and anxiety, The Guru Next Door . . . is a must read!”

— Raymond Gombach, Option Practitioner and Workshop Leader

The Guru Next Door: A Teacher’s Legacy provides a unique perspective on the teachings of Bruce Di Marsico from one of the people who knew him best.”

— Mandy Evans, author of Emotional Options and Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past

“This charming and thought-provoking book tells the story of a young girl named Annie and her journey to adulthood, independence, and happiness. . . . A worthy and worthwhile read.”

— Michael Neill, author of You Can Have What You Want and Feel Happy Now!

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“Not simply an artfully written, delightfully engaging novel but a cornucopia of practical teachings about the nature of happiness, its absence and its attainability through an active, conscious choice, The Guru Next Door is one of the most important and inspiring (as well as fun and captivating) works that I have read in a very long time. Thank you very much, Wendy Dolber, for a superlative piece of writing, one which I will unhesitatingly recommend to all.”

— William Courson (full review)

“. . . a beautiful poem with striking imagery.  . . . Bruce’s concepts on how you can actually choose to have a happy life are interlaced with a touching story.”

— Mr. Howard Brown (full review)

“You will fall in love with the main character, Annie, and want to wrap your arms around her — to cheer and support her for the obstacles she has overcome and the ones that await her. ”

— Diane Audino (full review)

“. . . like sitting on the porch with Bruce . . .”

— Marvin Beck (full review)

“Hats off to you Wendy for sharing with us the teachings of this most wonderful man.”

— Rae Foster (full review)

“Riveting scenes capture the emotional abuse endured by Annie and depict how she and the reader can choose happiness through learning the Option Method of self questioning.”

— Marion I. Goldstein (full review)

“. . . an impactful, entertaining, spellbinding illustration of how loving and nonjudgmental questions can reveal secrets within all of us that lead to true contentment.”

— sueincolorado (full review)

“I wholeheartedly endorse this book, whether you would like to learn more about the man who created the Option Method, become absorbed in a heart-felt story, or learn more about your power for happiness.”

— Karen J. Taylor (full review)

The Guru Next Door is a delightfully unique way to tell the story of Bruce Di Marsico and his insightful teachings. Not only deep and revealing, but fun too!”

— Dr. Marcine Trella (full review)